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Square One

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Square One

Alas it’s come to this
the greatest of fears revealed
and the dreamer awakens
only to find that the dream,
it wasn’t real
or was it?
but nevertheless
hopes relinquished
and back to the starting line
there’s no collecting $200 after passing go
there’s no reward for starting over
except for a heightened awareness
that to protect, to preserve
is to persevere
to dream is to be a woman
to hope for something just out of grasp
is to be human.

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Scheming Little Child

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Scheming Little Child

....So, one day, being the sassy little six year-old that I was, I snuck into their stash of books, located a sign language college textbook, and proceeded to teach myself the alphabet. I still remember wiping off the dusty pages, sneezing all the while, and practicing....

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All these eyes are watching me
I can’t fail them now
All these expectations
They’ve become my limitations
When I am consumed with myself
My success is dependent
On what I am perceived to be

If I forsake all these dreams
Abandon this fake identity
Will I find my own heart?
Can I gain a peace of mind?

When I stop putting all my hopes
On others’ broken promises
And place my trampled heart
In the palm of His hand
All my cares fade away
I hear my Father say:
Give me your dreams
And I’ll give you Mine
I see the sparrow fall
Even more, I see each time
Your heart is broken
Your eyes, downcast
Let your heart be awakened
To the life that is in Me

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