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There He is

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There He is

We turned the steep corner on a mountainous road where the now visible horizon kissed the edges of the most stunning Norwegian fjord. My heart skipped beats upon beats upon beats as I sat in silence. In awe.

Don't you love those moments when all things seem to make sense? Suddenly my problems, my worries, my fears--all of it felt so very small in comparison to the bigness of the God who made all of this...stuff.

Nature tends to speak to me a lot, and so often, I find great moments of revelation in the simplicity of stepping outside, turning off my phone and with a deep breath, taking in all that He has made.

Before this fjord, I, along with my dear auntie Solveig, sat smack dab in the middle of this gorgeous Norwegian fairytale, by FAR the most beautiful place I've ever visited on the planet, laughing and laughing at how beautiful it all was. IS THIS FOR REAL?

Attempting photos just did not even do it justice. Words? Psh, not even those. We could not speak in that moment; all we could do is laugh. How wide, How deep, How great is Your love for me. How big, How endless, and oh so Beautiful.  The peaks and valleys, the contrast of water to sky to rock. The colors, the colors. OH MY LORD, THE COLORS! It’s pretty much ridiculous, actually--such over the top beauty that you’ll just have to take my word for it, and then go visit one day and see for yourself!

By this point, we swerved off road, pulling over for a closer look, meanwhile the sun made the water sparkle like diamonds. My heart was totally overwhelmed, flooded with emotion, and I thought, “What if we are the only people on the road today to even witness this? If God would go to all of this trouble for a mere moment that may or may not even be experienced by the passerby like Solveig & I, by the travelers who just HAPPEN to be making a trek across the Norwegian countryside, how much more does He care for His kids in the day to day things that are of great concern to our hearts?! How much more is His eye upon the ones whom He watches over in the things that are really important?”


All of that beauty could hardly be contained within that masterpiece of a landscape. It felt like witnessing a painter who had a heap of trouble staying on the canvas; edge to edge there was a story. Still over and over in my mind, I pondered why He went to all this trouble. The attention to detail was impeccable. He clearly cared about all of the special moments; for the things that may go unnoticed, like the little flecks of bright colors spilling across the countryside, and with flowers whose fragrance danced merrily in the warm summer breeze; the things that get skimmed over, for what may seem trivial, like the charming mountain goats whose songs echoed across the flat stretches of farmland and the rocky terrains that intermittently disjointed the valley stretches; even the white and red barns whose very presence interrupted the eye with a charm so disarming that I wanted to pull over for some tea with jam and bread (yup, just like the Sound of Music). 

I was undone time and again when I experienced a deeper revelation of God's love for me in Norway. It was like He was showing off, to be quite frank. So very over the top, that I was just waiting for the moment that i'd wake up and realize I was dreaming. But it was real. And He showed me that He loved me BIG. That's it. He just loves me and wanted to make sure I didn't forget it. I mean, He took me over 5,000 miles to get the freaking point across, so I'd say that's quite the extravagant display.


We drove away from that fjord and I just wanted to cry. Suddenly I felt like He hadn't forgotten me after all, His girl, whom He loves, whom He cares about deeply. I had not been forsaken even though my circumstances lent themselves to such a skewed conclusion. He gave me an opportunity to share in the delight of something He made just because. Really, for no other agenda but just to experience beautiful things together with Him because that's what Dads and daughters do. We got to sit side by side on bright and peaceful beaches on the island of Karmoy, my most very, VERY favorite spot, where birds squeaked happily and white seashells shined in the early afternoon light—a light that ceased to beam upon my face. And I felt a joy fill my soul like I’ve never felt in my entire life. I practically had to be drug from that shore by my toes. Agh. It was like looking down on a milestone moment in my life, and say, “Yup. I’ve been there and I can attest that He is real and He cares about all of the little things in my life. I really think this moment was just for me.” And I was totally undone. Again.


I suppose I went into this trip a bit on the fragile side, in dire need of a reminder that He cared, that He still cares; that He is ever present and operating in the things that I face day in, day out. I swiped my passport and happily left the good ole USA with an expectation for Him to show up. I looked for an opportunity to say, “OK, God. Let’s go on an adventure.” And yet, it was not what I bargained for. What I bargained for was some precise revelation where my questions found resolution, where my prayers were answered, where all that had a sense of anxiety or disruption in my life came to a screeching halt in a moment.

That was not the case. I still have questions without resolution, prayers without answers, and I still wage war against the anxiety that tries to creep its way in where I’m trying to find peace. But it was more than enough. It was an encounter where I experienced the bigness of God, of the Father's love, in a way gave me the kind of perspective that you simply cannot find in a book or a podcast or a conversation with a really good friend. It was a moment, gazing upon crystal-clear waters which mirrored trees and skies, that the revelation hit me that no matter where I go, there He is. No matter what I face, there He is. No matter how big my storm, no matter how small my faith, THERE. HE. IS.

And that is really all that I will ever need.


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Brittany Loose

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